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SpacePak Air Conditioning Kwik Way Sizing


Added > 10/29/2006  Views > 914  Rating > 2.5


Kwik-Way, SpacePak Selection Program

SpacePak has designed an application to help you select the right size SpacePak Unit.
It is recommended that you read the instructions before using the Kwik-Way Application and also that you have a floor plan readily accessable in order to fill in certain values required by this application.

You must have a valid Java Virtual Machine installed to run this application. You may download the free Sun Java VM by clicking on this link. Download Sun Java Virtual Machine. Click on "Get it now" and follow the instructions and then close and relaunch the application from a new browser window.

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Sterling Fin Tube Specifier Program


Added > 10/26/2006  Views > 450  Rating > 1


Sterling offers the industry's most complete line of finned tube heating elements and enclosures, and baseboard enclosures. Sterling Radiator is a member of the Hydronics Institute of Boiler and Radiator Manufacturers (IBR) and meets the strict industry performance requirements set by this organization. All Sterling finned tube performance ratings are based on IBR testing or are IBR approved, where applicable.

This program makes selecting Commercial Fin Tube easier than ever before. With this software, you configure and rate fin tube and the program will generate a custom specification sheet, certification sheet and engineering schedule.

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Smith Cast Iron Boilers


Added > 10/19/2006  Views > 280  Rating > 1

Selecting and specifying a commercial boiler can be a time-consuming process. Contractors need to make sure the boiler is the right size, properly rated, and can be wired and piped in an efficient manner while complying with various code requirements.

The Smith Heating Pros Specifier makes boiler selection easier than ever before. It’s like having a Smith technical expert at your fingertips. This valuable resource contains information, specifications and CAD drawings for all commercial boilers. With this specifier, contractors and engineers can configure a boiler, burner and accessories, and also generate a custom specification and certification sheet.

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Trac Pipe Specifier from Omegaflex


Added > 10/19/2006  Views > 824  Rating > 10


TracPipe is a flexible stainless steel piping material used for natural gas and propane installations. TracPipe is currently in use for gas piping systems in single and multi-family residential as well as commercial and industrial buildings. TracPipe's superior corrugated tubing coupled with AutoFlare fittings combine to make the best CSST product available. TracPipe's full range of sizes (3/8" to 2") and proven reliability make it the first choice at all residential, commercial, and industrial job sites.

TracPipe is accepted throughout the US and Canada. It can be run through buildings in the same locations where rigid pipe materials have traditionally been used with a fraction of the threaded joints and in a fraction of the time required for installation. TracPipe was designed with inner diameters that are very close to black iron pipe. Because of the corrugated interior different capacity charts are used for sizing of CSST systems. Shown below are TracPipe charts for low-pressure natural gas and propane as well as elevated pressure (2-PSI) charts for natural gas and propane.

Trackpipe TrackpipeTrackpipe

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LJ Wing Specifier


Added > 10/18/2006  Views > 131  Rating > 9.5


L. J. Wing VIFB vertical tube integral face and bypass coils preheat outside air for air make-up systems. Because the VIFB coil operates with full steam pressure or constant water flow at all times, it prevents breakdowns in the central system caused by freezeup. The temperature of the discharge air is controlled by proportioning the entering air through the multiple heating and by-pass channels. The air is proportioned by the unique clamshell-shaped dampers which maintain a constant pressure drop, thus allowing a constant volume of air to pass through the unit. Performance can be calculated by using the L.J. Wing specifier program.

        • Air make-up heating with steam or hot water
        • Maximum freeze protection
        • Constant volume
        • Minimum temperature override
        • Minimum stratification
        • Accurate temperature control
        • Sizes from 600 to 77,220 CFM
        • Performance certified to ARI standard 410
        • ETL listed to UL standard 1995

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