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posted on 10/24/2006

It seems that when I set the thermostat the furnace will not respond.

If I turn it all the way up the furnace will come on but wont shut off until I turn it down again. I must need a new thermostat but wanted make sure just incase it can be repaired

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replied on 11/7/2007

t-stats can go defective with age. Buy a digital. easy to install yourself


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replied on 11/7/2007

It could be that it is just not calibrated. I am thinking the heat will not turn off because it will never reach the high temp you've selected.

If it is a mercury bulb type remove the cover and turn it up slowly until the mercury moves over and makes contact. If  this is the case you could live with it, it just want read accurate so just find your sweet spot.


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replied on 4/11/2017

Your repairman or HVAC professional will be able to provide advice on whatís best, but itís generally a good idea to replace if your thermostat constantly breaks or if the repair is more expensive than a new thermostat. If youíre buying a new one, always consult a professional first. Not every thermostat is compatible with every type of furnace.

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