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posted on 8/3/2007
I have a situation with the drain.  They tell me a typical p trap will not work properly in this unit.  But in the installation instructions it shows the requirements of 2" drop from the coil outlet with 2" from the bottom of the p trap loop.  The p trap we are using has a 2" drop from the coil with 1 1/4 from the bottom of the trap loop.  My question is are these air handlers so sensitive to 3/4" of a drain difference will cause blow by or lack of draining and if so what would be the cure.
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replied on 11/1/2007

If I'm not too late, try coiling the the drain tubing to get at least the required minimum. If you have too little you can have too little back pressure in the condensate line.


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replied on 10/20/2008


these units are not that critical on the drains, they are standard units.

what configuration do you have it in, also did you plug all the drain holes with threaded plugs which the factory no longer provides, (cost issue)

holler back if you still have a problem

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