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posted on 8/6/2007
Purchased Lennox Elite Series HS29 Unit in July of 2003 from an authorized Lennox dealer.  In July of 2004, August 2005, July of 2006 and August 2007 had to have Dual Run Cap replaced!  I am no HVAC tech but am thinking that there must be a manufacturers defect in system being that this part has had to be replaced x4 in the last 4 years.  Anyone have any insight as to this problem?  Am not getting anywhere with dealer who sold unit nor Lennox.  Thank you
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replied on 10/8/2007

I was a tech for over 20 years and a capacitor is like a light bulb and can go out at any time. They especially fail when it is hot. Save money next time and do it yourself for about $10, see our site at climatedoctors.com


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replied on 10/20/2008

You have to remember, units are built to be cost effective tor the manufacturer.  I have found the capacitors for compressors for most systems have voltages of over 370 vac applied to them when the system is operating.  This voltage is measured across the capacitor.  in the case of the dual cap. it is measured from common to hermetic or common to fan.

the voltage rating of the capacitor is the insulation value and should not be below whatever is created when the unit is operating.  We only stock or apply 440 vac capacitors if we have the choice. 

These seem to last better than 370 vac as the insulation value is greater and will allow higher voltages.  Check yours to see if it is a 370 vac rated cap then change it to a 440 vac if so

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