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How to Install SalesAgent and Specifiers
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How to Install SalesAgent and Specifiers

Enter CD into Computer

Make sure Computer is connected to the Internet

Enter your SalesAssistant User Name and Password.

If you do not have an account go to www.mesteksa.com

If you are a new user click link for new users, otherwise contact an administrator if you are having problems getting access to the business units you require.

Make sure you select the business units that are applicable. 

When you receive your username and password continue with the installation.  Click the next button and accept the terms of agreement to install Specifiers.  Preview which programs you want to install.  These are based on your registration in SalesAssistant.  If you are missing the Specifiers you want to install hit cancel and confirm your registration in SalesAssistant by contacting an administrator.  www.mesteksa.com

If everything is ready to be installed click the continue button and then click the install button.


The mechanics behind the installation process:

This process installs a local copy on your machine and goes out to a web service to check your registration state for certain programs and grants access for installation based on these values.  These are set by your registration in SalesAssistant.


The SalesAssistant is our premier ASP, (Application Service Provider) extranet application.  It is an e-commerce tool that provides our outside sales force with an information bridge to Mestek, Inc.   The SalesAssistant is a secure web space where Mestek can communicate confidential information to individual or groups of reps/customers depending on the need.


The installation process will install the SalesAgent, which is the front-end order entry vehicle for the Specifiers.  It will also install Business Unit specific Specifiers based on your registration state.

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